Reliability and care

Consider the following leather shoe care instructions (smooth leather, nubuck, velour)

  1. Wipe the upper leather with a damp cloth, but not completely wet. Use a special cleaner dissolved in water or cleaning foam. Gently wipe it. Slightly damaged leather surface of the shoes can cause the loss of a "good look" of the shoes.
  2. Carefully remove the water/dirt from the shoes and spray it with an impregnation spray. In a dry season it is to repeat this step at least once a week every month.
  3. Let the shoes dry naturally at the room temperature. Do not dry them near heat sources (radiators, stoves), by a hair dryer or other heating devices. Otherwise the leather cracks which will cause deformations of shoes as well as the loss of the impregnating elements. 
    We do not recommend to dry leather boots in direct sunlight. To speed up the drying process, place absorbent sheets of paper, newspaper, pads, special wooden struts, or silica gel pouches.
  4. Apply a thick layer of cream (for smooth leather) or use a spray (for nubuck). Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping the excess cream off with a clean dry sponge or polishing brush.
  5. For gloss finish shoes, use a brush and a polishing cloth or a special fabric (flannel).

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