Delivery and shipping

We offer three shipping options:

  1. DPD Delivery Service
  2. Lagermax Delivery Service
  3. A package to hand by Czech Post

Shipping Costs 

  1. Orders under 3 000 CZK – A delivery fee of 150 CZK applies 
  2. Orders over 3 000 CZK  - Free shipping

Additional services

Our company provides the service "Trying at home'':

This service allows customers to try on at their home different shoe sizes and models according to their choice.

It is provided free of charge for purchases of over 3 500 CZK, or it could be provided for an additional fee of 200 CZK, if the total amount is less than 3 500 CZK.

An extra charge of 150 CZK may be applied if the courier has to wait more than 15 minutes. 

One or more items can be ordered for this service delivery.

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