Way to the Top

Every city has its source of pride. Please, let us introduce you to TREK footwear, which is made in Perm. TREK means Way. Each of us has one’s own way. We choose a way to success, to new heights and goals worth fighting for.

At the meeting-point of Eurasia’s trade routes on the banks of the Kama and Vishera rivers unique peoples’ civilization was born. A severe climate, lofty mountains, dense forests, rapid rivers and wonderful landscapes - everything in this land inspires one with a passion for adventures! In ancient languages Perm means a ‘distant land’. People living on the banks of the Kama River and in the heart of the Ural Region love the nature in all its aspects, enjoy traveling and draw their inspiration in it. It is here where our team has gathered in 2004, and where we have started manufacturing TREK footwear.

Having an active way of life, we know all the difficulties that a keen traveler faces. Our mission is to provide people the freedom and comfort regardless of weather conditions. Our aim is to produce high quality footwear respecting the best traditions of Russian shoe craftsmanship. We love our profession and do our best so you can move forward, towards new heights.

TREK Team.


Our mission is to create beautiful and practical footwear that meets all the needs of the end user.

Focusing on the world level of fashion, and relying on the innovation of our own production, designers of the TREK team start their way from a shoe sketch drawing.

Our production is certified according to the state quality standards ISO9001 -2011

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TREK footwear is 95% made from materials produced in Russia. These are high quality shoes manufactured from one-piece genuine full grain leather, which is 2.0 mm thick and with the waterproof impregnation.

Natural materials of shoes have the waterproof impregnation, which keeps the moisture out of the shoe, retaining "breathing" characteristics. The inner boot material is made of leather, cotton, wool or velour.

The inner boot finish is made of leather, cotton,
wool or velour.

According to our tests, the embossed anti-slip outsole made of thermo-elastoplast (TEP) is characterized by the frost resistance up to – 50°C and has a high coefficient of friction.

The reinforced heel and toe cap as well as reinforcing elements on the sides of the shoe provide additional protection for the foot.

A hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial inner sole retains the heat.

It is made of lightweight and environmentally friendly material called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). The front part of the inner sole is made of 3 material options: fur, caprovelour, genuine leather.

The anatomic design of the inner sole provides the comfort while walking.

Triple-weave laces with an inner core are used for their higher resistance to breaking, and Italian metal accessories provide a high reliability.

A quality control of supplied raw materials is carried out in our own laboratory. The leather is tested according to the state standards in terms of the material thickness, the manufacture quality, the uniformity of a pile, the breaking strength, the quality of special water-repellent impregnations.

All stitches are made with the durable, moisture-resistant lavsan fiber that maintains the shoes dry from the inside.

Special adhesive compositions are used in the technology, which provide a high breaking strength.

Thus, according to tests carried out, our shoes can stand load up to 500 kg.

Tested in the Urals.

We produce high quality shoes in the best traditions of the Russian craftsmanship. We love our profession and do everything for you to move forward to new heights.

TREK team.

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