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Dear friends!

Thank you for purchasing TREK shoes!

TREK shoes are made of genuine leather in the Urals, the central part of Russia, applying the best traditions of footwear craft.  Our young company constantly renews the manufacture process, as well as the quality control system. 

All information about us please find on the website of the company

Consider to read FOOTWEAR SELECTION GUIDE and USER INFORMATION GUIDE, complying of which can extend the durability and maintain an attractive look of the shoes.  


  • When selecting the shoes make sure that the size and width match your feet taking into consideration individual characteristics.
  • While trying the shoes on, it should feel comfortable, should not be tight (especially around the toes). Bear in mind that the feet swell throughout the day, further adding 1-1,5 sm in foot width and length.
  • Pay attention (or check with the salesman) to each model’s purpose: casual shoes, office footwear, hiking shoes, outdoor recreational footwear etc.


  • TREK shoes are not designed to be worn in extreme conditions. Not wearing suitable footwear according to the season, as well as for purposes other than it has been created for, will cause the lost of consumer appeal and appearance, the sole can lose its form.
  • After each use, perform shoe care and maintenance, remove the dust and dirt and use suitable shoe care products depending on the material of the product. Care recommendations for different types of materials can be found also in this manual.
  • Footwear should be dried at the room temperature. It is prohibited to dry shoes on the radiator or use any other heating devices.
  • When putting the shoes on, use a shoehorn to maintain the proper shape of the heel counter.
  • When taking off the shoes, do not step on the heel counter to avoid its deformation and outsole tear.
  • Shoes with outer straps and flexible bands are so designed that the shoe can be captured easily while putting it on, it is prohibited to pull the straps and elastic bands directly.
  • It is recommended not to over tighten the laces in the ankle area.
  • The sole of TREK shoes is not resistant against benzine, diesel, oils and acid. Thus do not allow any chemicals to get in contact with the bottom of the shoe.
  • Do not expose the shoes to any mechanical stresses.
  • It is not recommended to use shoes with the leather outsole in wet environments.
  • Those with orthopedic deviation need to purchase specially designed shoes. TREK shoes are not dedicated for this purpose.


  • The instructions of use have to be read carefully to select the correct finish of the shoe care products. 
  • It is preferable to change shoes every 2-3 days to let the shoes dry and restore its shape, in particular when worn in humid environments 
  • It is highly recommended to add a sole protector for leather-soled shoes.  
  • Shoes made of nubuck and suede should be cleaned by a special brush with rough bristles. If necessary, use special cleaning products according to the type of footwear. Cleaned shoes can be treated with colorless or tinted sprays with water-repellent effect.
  • Oil-tanned leather shoes need to be treated with a special cream containing oiling substances. Also it is not recommended to polish this kind of footwear after applying the cream.

Defects are not considered the following:

  • Color or structure irregularities, unevenness of pattern are the natural characteristics of genuine leather, emphasizing on its uniqueness.
  • Getting wet is a natural characteristic of the leather. It is recommended to use water-repellent creams during wet weather.
  • The stain of insoles and linings.
  • The thread seam destruction and abrasion as a result of mechanical stresses.
  • Aggressive chemicals and acids damage the structure of materials and cause the color fading, swelling and the appearance of the oxides and rust on the metal accessories.


  • Repaired shoes are not subject to exchange or return.
  • Also no claims on quality accepted if the USER INFORMATION GUIDE and SHOE CARE RECOMMENDATIONS are neglected.

If during the warranty period, there were hidden manufactures defects found, contact the store where shoes were purchased, carrying along personal ID, receipt as a proof of purchase and cleaned and sanitized shoes. 

The claim will be examined, which will take 30 days from the date of the submission.

In case of any dispute, the decision of the shoes return or exchange will be based on the evaluation of an outside independent expert.

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